Will Ptarmigan Land partner with anyone who has land to develop?

Does Ptarmigan Land pay agent fees or introducer commissions?

Will the landowner ever be expected to contribute to the costs of the process?
ANSWER. No, we will pay for everything including landowner’s agent and legal fees.

What if the property comes with strings attached (like a restrictive covenant)?
ANSWER. We are used to dealing with this sort of issue.

What percentage of the sale price does Ptarmigan Land keep?
ANSWER. This varies from site to site and depends on the size and location of the land, the difficulty of achieving planning and the general complexity of a scheme.

What happens if Ptarmigan Land does not get planning permission?
ANSWER. The agreement lapses and the landowner carries on as before.

What happens if the land market is poor and the owner cannot sell the land when planning has been obtained?
ANSWER. We wait for the market to recover.