How good is Ptarmigan?

Ptarmigan Land is a leading land promotion company. The Ptarmigan Land team has over fifty years of combined experience in the industry and specialises exclusively in land promotion.

The Ptarmigan Land team creates a vision for the land, keeping in mind both planning issues and local sensitivities. We draw up plans for the new vision, secure any additional agreements necessary and lobby key stakeholders for support. We pride ourselves on developing plans that are both innovative and environmentally aware.

After we have created the vision, we take the lead in driving the plans through the increasingly complex regulatory and planning process.

When the planning consents have been achieved, Ptarmigan Land works with the sales agent to achieve the maximum sales value. Our team has great contacts with developers across the country who want to acquire land. We always look to get the maximum cash sums possible for the land.

All our services are provided without cost to the landowner. If planning permission is not obtained, Ptarmigan Land carries the entire cost of the process so the whole project is risk free to the landowner.