Ptarmigan reviews projects from all over the country, focusing on medium to large developments from around 10 acres to several hundred acres.

Our professional approach and attention to detail is applied to everything we do. We work closely with our landowner partners to ensure we understand their aspirations and deliver on any specific issues of importance such as tax and inheritance planning or personal projects such as establishing a heritage wood.

Our landowners all have different requirements. Some own ancient estates dating back to the Norman Conquest, some are multi-generational single asset farmers on rural land, others have commercial businesses such as garden centres, golf courses or brown field sites being re-designed as residential expansion areas.

Some of our landowners are looking to sell their land for development once planning is granted, others to work through the development over a number of years to maximise their return. For some an early sale is desirable; before planning is granted but once the land has been progressed through the planning system to the stage where it is seen as having real value as a speculative prospect.

Landowners are, in fact, our life-blood. We work hard to establish robust strategic partnerships with all of our landowners, sharing together our core beliefs and ideas. After all, we are likely to be working with each other for many years, and it is important that we play our parts in shaping our visions for the future and helping to unlock the value that strategic land can bring.

Some of our best projects are those where we have a close relationship not only with our landowner client but also with their agents and advisers. Ptarmigan prides itself on our ability to create successful and dynamic teams.

Whatever the circumstances we take a personal approach to each and every partner and project, working with the landowners and developers creating the very best plans for all parties.