Queen’s Speech 2014 Underpins Importance Of Land Promotion

The Queen’s Speech at the opening of parliament on Wednesday, 4 June, briefly outlined the UK’s plan of action in the development of housing, and changes to the planning system; both of which underpin the importance of land promotion.

It is no secret that the UK is facing a housing crisis of a severe magnitude. Barriers to entry in the housing market and the low availability of houses has meant that the state and councils have had to take a long-term view on development and the advancement towards ‘garden cities’ – housing and green areas developed together in harmony.

Garden cities, although very much at the helm of modern housing planning, are in fact not a new idea or concept. Conceptualised in the 19th Century, economist Sir Ebenezer Howard noted the viability of respectful and proportionate development that equally honored residences, industry and agriculture; and the harmony between all three. The creation of self-contained communities surrounded by greenbelts may have appeared Utopian at first glance, but good design and development is in the best interests of everyone.

In the Queen’s Speech, it was noted that in order to develop these garden cities, the government would make available and sell high value land to encourage development and increase housing. However, the amount of land available for green cities is not infinite and it is also the responsibility of the private sector to make available land for these developments.

This is where land promotion becomes important and that companies, like Ptarmigan, work together with landowners to unlock the strategic development potential of their land. Good design and a carefully crafted masterplan, in consultation with the community, will get land ‘heard’ and allow for development that is a win-win for all stakeholders.