Development Management

Once Planning Permission has been granted, site delivery needs a Master Developer or a Development Manager (often both).

Unless a site can be sold to one house builder who can act as the Master Developer and control all aspects of the site’s delivery, sometimes selling plots to other house builders – which for large sites is unusual – then a Development Manager will need to be appointed to control how the site is physically delivered through different building partners, and to ensure that all of the parts knit together in a perfect whole.

The Development Manager role is crucial to deliver the development for the site as a whole – a poor entrance experience will diminish the whole site. All the different parties working on site need to be co-ordinated so that there are no conflicts, and different phases tie in together – obvious points that roads, sewers and utilities meet in the right place and are designed properly can easily cause problems if not managed properly with a co-ordinating and guiding hand.

Ptarmigan’s extensive experience at delivering large sites means that they can adopt the Development Management role and help the landowner achieve the best value for the site.