Sales Process

Most of the landowners we work with are looking to sell the land to a developer / house-builder once planning is granted, but they all care deeply about the legacy they are leaving and are likely to remain involved in the land for many years.

This presents a number of issues which Ptarmigan addresses:

Ptarmigan is committed to ensuring that the legacy of development is something landowners and the local community can be proud of

Choice of developer / House-Builder
By working together with landowners and prospective purchasers, Ptarmigan helps deliver the right house-builder for each site, one who can respect the community and deliver the right product

Commercial terms and negotiations
With such a significant presence in the market, Ptarmigan knows all the major buyers, and the market, and can help achieve the right commercial terms

Long-term engagement
Ptarmigan and the Landowners usually retain a long term interest in the land and an interest in delivering a real legacy. This is not just our instinct but sensible self interest – good quality developments deliver better value for all of us.