Strategic Land

Strategic land is land which is taken through the planning process to deliver development, whether housing, retail park, industrial estate or leisure – or indeed a mixture of some or all of the above.

The majority of Ptarmigan’s projects are delivering much needed housing on new sites on the edge of our villages, towns and cities. These “Urban Extensions” are the bedrock of housing delivery in England and are the focus of most Council’s development plans.

This does not mean “concreting over the countryside” as some would argue. It is a fact that only 2.3% of England’s land is buildings (10% if we include gardens, parks, schools,
roads etc.) and England is, and will remain, our much loved “green and pleasant land”.

To deliver the housing needed by our country, especially for our young people, requires some 250,000 houses to be built every year, with a 10 year target at current population trends of 2.5m houses. This requires around 250,000 acres of strategic land (less than 0.5% of the whole) and all councils, along the length and breadth of the country, are reviewing where the housing should go in their area as part of their 20 year plans.

It’s not just councils who need to play their part in this, landowners do too. Land which is not actively promoted through the planning system is unlikely to be chosen by councils due to concern about its potential future delivery.

Promoting land through the system can be a daunting task, taking many years and costing large sums of money, all at risk if the council doesn’t choose your land. A fairly typical urban extension of 1,000 homes will cost between £1m and £2m to take it all the way through the planning system.

Ptarmigan focuses on getting the land “heard” and through the planning process as early as possible to deliver value to the landowner and the community.

Strategic Land