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    Aerial view of Hethersett photograph by Mike Page
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    An example of an emerging master plan with character areas, and key features identified.
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    A typical Masterplan approach – showing key items in context of the existing village.
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    The Ptarmigan team with Masterplanners, Council Officers and Members, and the public, sharing their ideas at the start of the Masterplanning process.
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    New housing respecting the local vernacular.
Ptarmigan Land was founded in 2003 and has since become one of the UK’s leading land promotion companies. Ptarmigan currently has over 10,000 houses in planning and recently obtained planning for 750 houses in Chelmsford, Essex and 1,200 houses in Hethersett, Norwich. Ptarmigan works with Landowners to add value through planning and is actively seeking more projects after several successful exits.We partner with land owners to maximise the value of their land. Our expert team develops a plan for the land and gets the planning permission. We take all the risks and carry all the costs. When the land is sold, we share the profits.

Strategic Land

Strategic land is land which is taken through the planning process to deliver development, whether housing, retail park, industrial estate or leisure – or indeed a mixture of some or all of the above. Ptarmigan partners with landowners in the strategic development potential of their land, manages the entire process on the landowner’s behalf and pays all the costs and takes all the risk. Learn more…


Ptarmigan reviews projects from all over the country, focusing on medium to large developments from around 10 acres to several hundred acres. Our professional approach and attention to detail is applied to everything we do. We work closely with our landowner partners to ensure we understand their aspirations and deliver on any specific issues of importance such as tax and inheritance planning or personal projects such as establishing a heritage wood. Learn more…

Planning & Community

Our role at Ptarmigan is to help get our landowner’s land included in Strategic Development Frameworks (LDF) as early in the process as possible, and keep them there through years of the plans evolution, until we can apply for, and gain, planning consent. A highly skilled, long term, process. Ptarmigan’s emphasis on partnership and sustainable, respectful development means that special attention is given to good design, inclusion, public consultation and locality in all projects that are undertaken. Learn more…

Sales Process

Once planning is obtained, most landowners choose to sell. Ptarmigan drives the sales process providing the interface with agents and potential buyers, providing commercial, legal and technical input to ensure that the right sale to the right party happens and that the sale goes through smoothly. Many years of experience negotiating deals of this kind adds considerable value to the process. Learn more…

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